How can a physiotherapist help a person with brittle bone disease / osteogenesis imperfecta ?

brittle bone

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is one of the most common inherited bone disorders. The disease typically involves the bones, teeth, ligaments, eyes and skin, and is characterized by fragile bones that break easily.

Its a life-long disorder and can be seen equally in both genders.

With a good surgical & dental management and other supportive care (like physiotherapy, aquatic therapy, yoga) , the majority of this special population can lead a better and productive life.

In supportive care physiotherapy plays a major role in rehabilitation.

Proper module for therapy should to be designed , keeping few important objectives like:

  • How to prevent further fractures?
  • How to prevent deformities when fractures do occur?
  • How to reduce pain?

Best protocol consist of :-

  • Muscle Strengthening program along with aerobic exercises.
  • Aquatic therapy to provide freedom of movement of every joint and muscle conditioning exercises.
  • Electrical Modalities & Dry needling therapy to reduce pain.
  • Taping techniques to prevent deformities.
  • Breathing exercises

Last but not the least – People with Brittle Bone Disease gets more benefit if they maintain a Healthy Living which include good exercise program and a nutritious diet along with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


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