When To See A Pediatric Physiotherapist !

You should see Pediatric Physiotherapist if you
have concerns or questions such as:

  1. your baby feels ‘floppy’ or ‘stiff’ with handling

  2. your baby isn’t tolerating ‘tummy time’ well by 4 months of age

  3. your baby was born prematurely (before 34 weeks gestation)

  4. your baby has a flat spot on his / her head or prefers to look
    to one side only

  5. there is a difference between sides of the body

  6. a delay is present in achieving physical milestones

  7. not sitting by 9 months

  8. not trying to stand up by 12 months

  9. not walking by 18 months

  10. your child is bottom shuffling and y

    ou would like some further advice

  11. your child has an unusual walk or foot posture

  12. clumsiness with running, jumping or ball skills

  13. aches or pains with activity or rest

  14. to help with recovery after injury or surgery

  15. concerns regarding your child’s posture

    Your Physio Mantra To Stay Fit

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