How Important Is Physiotherapy Before Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery?

Physiotherapy exercises after Knee Replacement surgery is a Standard Protocol followed for all the patients, but few new studies also found that exercises before knee replacement called as Pre-Operative Rehabilitation can diminish the need of post operative care by 30%.

Pre-operative therapy teaches about necessary exercises. With advance therapy, a patient has a chance to learn about post-operative steps during recovery, teaching the proper posture and body mechanics necessary for success, as well as associated treatments such as the use of ice.

Pre-operative therapy builds confidence. Following surgery, a patient will feel much more confidence at the beginning of treatment, For many patients, knowing what to expect after an operation can alleviate anxiety before surgery.

Pre-operative therapy creates a partnership. Since post-operative physiotherapy is often the key to complete recovery, it can provide a patient an opportunity to get to know the physiotherapist who will be their partner in the journey back to health.

Pre-operative therapy allows the therapist to plan the most effective program to fit a patient’s needs.

During your’s pre-operative visit to us, we can evaluate muscle and joint strength and design a suitable protocol according to your needs.

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