August 19, 2018

Sports Rehabilitation

According to Sports India 15.5 million people in India play sport at least once a week. Injury is an inevitable consequence with this amount of participation. Fortunately, our experience in sports physiotherapy can deal with the specific injuries which can be sustained whilst taking part. Our Sports physiotherapists in Bengaluru, Karnataka have excellent knowledge of diagnosis of injury within a sporting context. With an early accurate diagnosis the injury can be appropriately managed with the latest evidence based treatment techniques.


At Physio Mantra your sport specific movement patterns are broken down to the fundamentals, then gradually developed to return you back to your sport. Our sport physiotherapists are also able to screen athletes to identify any areas of weakness that may potentially lead to injury and can offer advice on how these areas can be enhanced to prevent injury occurring.

We understand when rest is not an option and tailor your treatment programme around you. We understand your need to run a marathon in 3 months’ time or return to cycling for a Bengaluru, Karnataka event and will help you achieve your goal. Our sports physiotherapy services are available to athletes of all ages and of all skill levels. Whether you have an acute injury, or one that is more persistent, one of our specialists will help you to get back as soon as possible.

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