April 30, 2015

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Programs

Physio Mantra is a team of highly qualified Physiotherapists who provides physiotherapy services tailored to the needs of each individual patient and operate form a modern practice located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India And many other clinics are partnered with us at various places.

Services offered by us are:

General Physiotherapy Program:
This include Orthopedic and Neurological cases like Back and Neck pain, Postural Correction, Strain or Sprains, Arthritis, Spinal Conditions and Stroke RePhysio3habilitation.

Pediatric Physiotherapy:
Physiotherapy management designed specifically for kids with variety of congenital, developmental, neuro-muscular, skeletal or acquired disorders. Children with developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spinabifida and torticollis can utilize the Personal Rehabilitation Program (PRP).

Corporate Consultation and Ergonomic Advice:
Ergonomic class for employees, on site ergonomic assessment and physiotherapy treatment can be provided in organization/ company.

Geriatric Physiotherapy Program (Therapy for Senior Citizens):
Age related muscular and joint issues are assessed, diagnosed and therapy program is designed for an individual. Fall Prevention Program to prevent frequent fall due to imbalances, in Senior citizens.Physio4

Fitness Program:
Evidence based exercise protocol is prescribed to Prevent or Reduce LIFE STYLE DISORDERS like Diabetes, Stress and General Body Pain.

PediaSuit Therapy:
Special US based therapy, First time in India. This therapy is for pediatric rehabilitation.

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