The Kingdom of Dreams

Amir is 18 on the 4th of February. Fairy tales do come true but we must believe, with all our heart and soul.

Once upon a time, there lived a Handsome prince, called Amir . He lived in a beautiful kingdom, called Amirs Gym, where the streets were lined with trees and beautiful flowers of pale pink and white, which fluttered down onto the streets once a year, making a beautiful carpet of pink and white. Where birds chirped happily and the beautiful Bulbuls and Kingfishers visited daily. Prince  Amir ruled his kingdom with love and wisdom, however the day to day running of the kingdom was left to his Prime Minister ( also known as Mummy) His Prime Minister  ruled with an Iron fist but was fair and just. However she was very impatient and often short tempered. Amir did not approve of this behaviour, he knew that if one wanted something badly enough, one needed patience and perseverance.  The time came when the Palace of Amirs gym needed to be moved.  The Prince accompanied the Prime Minister to look at different locations, but this wise Prince, knew what he wanted. The Prime Minister had other ideas and also there seemed so many obstacles involved in moving the palace. This wise and patient prince, repeatedly told the Prime Minister  “ Big White house, cycle there” but the Prime minister would not listen and got angrier and angrier at the many obstacles that kept getting thrown in the way.  The Prime Minister was ready to give up, but the wise Prince remain steadfast in his decision. He knew what he wanted and was adamant on using his Tricycle to cycle around  his Kingdom . At that point, God sent many angels to help the Prime Minsister.  These angels, helped take away all these irritating and seemingly” impossible to settle “obstacles. The   New palace of Amirs Gym finally became a reality. However the wise Prince Amir was not one to gloat, with the love and wisdom that God bestowed on him, he kindly let his Prime Minster know that Good things are sometimes difficult to come by and we must show patience and never give up. Together with his Government of 3 Physios, 1 Ot and 2 aides, The wise Prince will rule his Kingdom with Love and Inspiration. It will be a space of love and hope for all Special needs children.

The story does not end.. this is just the beginning the beginning of the new location of Amirs Gym.

No.8 Perserian Damansara Endah. Bukit Damansara Kuala Lumpur 50490. We will be fully operational from the beginning of March. The first event being held at the new location with be the Emmet Technique workshop.

It is clearly not only my dream but also that of Amir ( which incidentally means Leader or Prince in Arabic) We hope to serve more of  you and make a difference in the lives of not only the special children but  of their families. We have fought this uphill battle for many months but amir remained steadfast that this was the location.

My very special angels,… I thank you so much , without you I would have thrown in the towel.

Amir’s 18th Birthday is on the 4th of February and what better day to share our announcement than on this day.


My angels, you have been tagged. Thank you And also the government of the Kindgdom of Amirs Gym, thank you for standing by me.

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